Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can it be cheaper to have a brand new machine, fully installed and serviced with free toner for less than we currently spend just buying cartridges?

There are two parts to this answer

1) The printer companies know exactly what they are doing, the printers are so cheap for a reason, they are simply a way of making you buy their cartridges, all their profit is in the cartridges and once you have their machine your stuck buying their cartridges-see The Great Printer Trap

2) Its economy of scale, due to the sheer number of machines we supply and service we can buy toner, parts, consumables and the machines much more cost effectively than you can. We simply pass on this buying power discount to our clients to create really cost effective fully inclusive solutions.  Lets be blunt if it was more expensive you might not  buy it, yet when the entire solution costs less per month then buying your existing cartridges it becomes a very simple decision.

There must be a catch  do we have to buy paper or any other item from you?

A great question and no you don’t.  This business model works really well for small businesses  because its based on the buying power of  lots of companies like yours all using similar machines with inter changeable parts and toner.  Imagine if you and a 100 of your neighbours  all decided to buy the same thing at the same time-imagine  how much discount you would get! That’s exactly what we are doing with our office equipment.   However since no two companies like the same type of paper we simply cannot supply paper  at the same discount.  So please use whatever paper, you prefer from whichever  supplier you prefer. The same applies to anything else you might print on.

Can I just buy the printer without the monthly all inclusive agreement?

Of course, there is always someone willing to sell you anything but you cannot buy them from us and here is why:

You have just bought a new printer outright-it will be delivered in a box so someone in your company will need to install it –this is exactly what happened last time.

If it breaks you or one of your colleagues will need to fix it , the same as you do currently .

When it needs  toner or any other part or consumable  you will need to buy it , the same as you do currently

This puts you right back  to where you are now , you have simply spent more money  but haven’t solved the problem, running your office printers in this way is simply too expensive both in time and money.   If we did this we would simply be another printer provider and if that method worked for your business you wouldn’t be reading this-we know our solution is a better way.

Does this solution work for every company?

Sadly no it doesn’t,  some companies simply don’t print enough each month to make this solution viable,  It only works if your currently spending £50 per month or more on cartridges within your business . Or  if your just fed up with fixing printers and want to get on with what make your company money.  Please use our  savings calculator to see if it will work for your business